Warriors - Jordan Drouin


By Jordan Drouin

  • Release Date: 2013-06-07
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 3
From 199 Ratings


Mosskit dreams her way into Starclan. She meets Mossyear, a Starclan cat who makes her a promise. The promise is that he will teach her to catch prey, to hunt and fish.

Created by a Sir John Franklin student in Yellowknife NWT.


  • I mean okish

    By whitebrook of waterclan
    I kinda laughed at this but I understand that you tried to make it good just a few comments • you used ‘mewed’ way too much •Give credit to erin hunter •fix grammar •At least use real clans (I was Quite Confused 😐 •the ending needs work, its not a cliffhanger nor a satisfactory ending. •kits cant talk from the moment there born. No. and they don’t know there blind if they’re blind, someone has to tell them like Jayfeather, also there eyes are closed. So they couldn’t see anyway Sorry for the negative review, I do think you could be a great writer one day but you still need work. Lots of work but your getting there! Btw Im writing a fan fic also, how did you publish? - Whitebrook of waterclan
  • Not Trying To Be Rude At All! 😅

    By GamerDoggo143
    You don’t have the best grammar, honestly. I’m in 6th grade and I could right better. You should work on that! 🙂 I like your idea behind it, but the cats names could also use some work! 😁 Mossyear could be called Meadowtail or Featherear. Mossyear kind of sound like Moss-year! 🤨 Also be careful about copyright due to Warriors being copyrighted... 😕 Just things to be aware of, and defiantly fix!
  • Stop being so mean!

    By Graysenn
    I loved it, it was very good! ~ SilverGaze Of NightClan
  • AMAZING BOOK!!!!!!!!

    By Joe Bro 😎
    This book seems great! Besides some handwriting and spelling problems! You should give this to Erin Hunter and maybe she can modify it a little bit and make it the best warriors book of all time! By the way, you may have issues with copyrights and stuff! That’s why I’d send it to Erin Hunter or something! She could change a couple names, get all the spelling right and it’s be perfect! And also, WHY IS EVERYONE HATING ON THIS BOOK!? This is a nice kid that probably wants to be an author or something! You should be ENCOURAGING him, not hating on him! Please change your reviews to five star reviews! ITS A REALLY GOOD BOOK!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!
  • Ok just how

    By Xx_AnimeGalaxy_xX
    How did you even get into Yellowknife just how this book seems to be written by a kid.
  • I want to read a preview 😫😫😫

    By cheetahfoot of windclan
  • Uhh..?i like the real books better!

    By Foxlover143
    Very strange drawing but I guess you tried your best.
  • Here Is My Review:

    By Unspeakable Credit
    I love warriors, and this this is a pretty good fan-fiction! At the start, it was a bit much thrown at me... the names, the actions, all of it. But as I kept reading, it was getting better and better. I encourage this kid to keep writing but to keep in mind to improve his spelling, make sure he explains things a bit more, and add some of his OWN ideas on.
  • Cute!

    By Susan & Ben
    I like the book and the drawings are ok, but that is copying Erin Hunter. I think he did a good job, just name it something else like “Adventurers” or something like that, and work on your handwriting, I can’t really read that and know a lot of people with MESSY handwriting.
  • Boo haters

    By MistyClan 4 evr
    OMG guys it can’t be that bad. Stop hating on this kid! You are making him feel really really really bad. He probably tried really hard!